Humanized Robots !i!i!

// May 2nd, 2007 // Personal

Imagine having a robot that looks just like you! or at least someone you know! How scary would that be?!

A few artificial intelligence scientists (computer scientists of course ;)) have been working lately on robots that look so humanized, you might not be able to tell whether they’re robots or not!

To make these Humanized robots they made the skin of the robots with silica gel which supposedly moves with lifelike movements.


Zou Renti of the Xi’an Supermen Sculpture Institution made a robotic clone of himself. His work was so perfect it’s kind of hard to tell the difference between them!!


This robot was made by Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro, a senior researcher at ATR Intelligent Robotics and Communication Laboratories in Japan. For those who find it hard to tell the difference, the robot is the one on the left :). The truth is that he made this robot so that it could fill his courses for him at Osaka University. He made it so that he can give his lectures from home, his voice would be transmitted to the robot remotely, and he also attaches sensors to his mouth so that the robot’s lips would move like his!

The robot looks so real it blinks and it’s chest becomes bigger and smaller to simulate the professor’s inhaling and exhaling.

Here is a video of Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro demonstrating the robot:

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2 Responses to “Humanized Robots !i!i!”

  1. aBo alBra says:

    hooowaaa ..

    Awesome stuff dude..

    you always surprise me ..

    The robots are cool and perfect especially the first one I still don’t know witch one it is.
    But I am guessing it’s the right-hand one because of his hands, they look so pallid. :) (Imagine if I am wrong !!)

    The problem that I always see, that everyday we see a new techniques in robots. But the problem that we don’t see these technologies combined together. The makers keep repeating themselves. And start all over all the time. :(

    If that happen we will see a new generation of robots.

    And you know what..

    What are you say we make one of these for our university’s sake. For me, I am gonna need a lot bottles of silica gel because of the (fat) thing. :)

    You might need less than me :) :)

    see you soon :)

  2. Feras says:

    aBo alBara:
    in the first picture the robot is the one on the left!

    we don’t see these technologies combined together.

    these technologies were mainly made for research purposes. Each robot was made to preform a specific task. For example, the second robot can’t walk or run, it just sits and talks like the professor, exactly like the demonstration on the video!

    on the other hand it is possibly to combine many of these technologies into one robot, but it would cost a fortune!!