MS Photosynth !!!

// April 24th, 2007 // tech

Photosynth is a new amazing application from Microsoft and the university of washington. This application converts digital photographs into 3D objects!

Microsoft says that this application will be web-based, and users will be able to upload their photos. In other words, I think this application might steal flickr’s spotlights.

Here is a video of the new application:

A preview of the application was on the web for testing since Nov. 06. To try the application click here

3 Responses to “MS Photosynth !!!”

  1. AHMED says:

    It’s fantastic application
    I think you apply this application in your blog
    in future

  2. aBo alBra says:

    dude !!
    that’s awesome ..
    very nice ..

    I think they made it web-based ..

    so they can take other people’s shots ..

    and they combine them into one object.

    like a public community

    Feras keep it up !!

  3. Feras says:

    aBo alBra:

    nice thinking, but I really don’t think they’ll do that any time soon…

    It’s too difficult (for now)…