Visiting Makkah?

// March 5th, 2007 // Information

If you are planning on visiting makkah to take an unforgettable umrah, then the best time would be during the month of Safar. The holy mosque is virtually empty during this month, and if you go on a weekday you could make tawaf only a few feet away from the Ka’bah! If you are lucky you might get the chance to kiss the black stone more than once during your tawaf.

Why is makkah empty during this time? Well on the 15th of the month of muharam, anyone with an umrah or hadj visa must leave saudi arabia. Plus, no umrah visas are given between the 15th of muharam and the 15th of safar!

Many people say that it’s not fair to kick people out of the holy city of makkah. Well, imagine that makkah was open for everyone to stay and live. These people will need jobs to make a living, but it’s only a matter of time till we have an unemployment problem in makkah. When that happens, then that’s when makkah becomes a city of crime! So, the best solution is to allow people to come to makkah for only short periods of time, and when that time finishes then they must leave…

what do you think?

One Response to “Visiting Makkah?”

  1. Misfer says:

    I think it’s fair enough; otherwise, it will be disaster.