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Blackberry and Linksys

// August 9th, 2010 // 1 Comment » // tech

I’ve had some trouble getting my blackberry to work with linksys routers. After reading a couple of posts on different forums, I found this solution which should work with any linksys. Changing these settings should allow you to connect to the blackberry server without connecting to a mobile network, you’ll get access to your email, bb messenger, etc. This is useful when you’re roaming and don’t want to be charged for data usage.

Change the wireless settings on your router to the following:

DTIM: 2 (1-255)
Fragment Threshold : 2304 (256-2346)
RTS Threshold : 2304 (0-2347)
Beacon Interval : 50 (20-1024 ms)

I used to think that having a UMA connection meant I could make long distance calls as if I was in Canada, but it turns out I need to get another service to make my UMA work while roaming.