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First 15 Domains Registered

// March 7th, 2009 // 2 Comments » // Personal

First of all, I went back to my previous theme, cause many of you thought the new one sucked. I loved it, but since you are the viewers I decided to change it back…

For this post I wanted to write about the first 100 domains to be registered on the internet, way back in the 80s. So here are some of them, for the complete First 100 list click here.

1- 03/15/85
2- 04/24/85
3- 05/24/85
4- 07/11/85
5- 09/30/85
6- 11/07/85
7- 01/09/86
8- 01/17/86
9- 03/03/86
10- 03/05/86
11- 03/19/86
12- 03/19/86
13- 03/25/86
14- 03/25/86
15- 04/25/86

If you were to go back for a day in 1985 to register a domain, what would that domain be? I would probably go for, because if I were to ask for lets say they would obviously say no and take it away from me. But with bmw, they can’t because I would be able to make something up for it like “I am making a business website called Brokers Money World” and I would have a small forum on there, and this way I would have every right to keep the domain.

And don’t say that you would register google, yahoo, or ebay. Because if those domains weren’t available they would have chosen to name their sites differently, like google might have been flickr….