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Halo 3 Shatters one day sale records!!

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Xbox 360 Exclusive “Halo 3” Registers Biggest Day in US Entertainment History with $170 Million in Sales!!

Microsoft today announced that the Xbox 360 exclusive game “Halo 3” has officially become the biggest entertainment launch in history, garnering an estimated $170 million in sales in the United States alone in the first 24 hours. The Xbox 360 title beat previous records set by blockbuster theatrical releases like “Spider-man 3” and novels such as “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.”
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I can’t wait to get my hands on it!!

People waiting in line in Toronto for Halo 3

Update Sept. 28: I got my Halo 3 last night, and I’ve been playing non stop. The game is so great, but I have to say that I was a bit disappointed. Halo 3 is great, but I wouldn’t compare it to Bioshock in terms of gameplay, and I have to say Bioshock is really really addictive!! What makes Bioshock so amazing is that you choose the ending yourself depending on how you treat the “little sisters”, if you harvest them you get the bad ending, but if you rescue them you get the good ending, and the weapons are like no other game I’ve ever seen!! OK, back to Halo 3, the graphics in Halo 3 are great and all, but I think the graphics in Gears of War were alot better!! What makes people like Halo 3 so much is the multiplayer gaming feature which is really outstanding!!

Web Development Headache!!

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I’ve been working on a website which I will launch pretty soon, I’m still looking for a catchy name though.

Anyways, I finished the website like a week ago. When I went to show it to my friends it looked different on their browsers! I only use Firefox, and the website looked so good on it. So I had to check how my website would look on Oprah, IE5, and IE7!!

I’ve had this same problem with my blog and a few other websites I worked on. Most CSS changes only look good on Firefox and IE7, but I still have to have IE5 users under consideration because most non-savvy internet users use it…

I found this page from w3 schools that shows which CSS properties are supported by which browsers…

PS I found this image of “the real firefox”


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A few days ago I “misplaced” my USB flash memory. I don’t usually keep anything sensitive on it, and if I do I usually keep it encrypted. I found it, but the idea of my USB with someone else kind of frightened me.

There are many USBs with software encryption, but that is never enough if you have sensitive information on there.

I got an email from thinkgeek about a new USB flash memory called Ironkey that uses software and hardware encryption. But that’s not the best feature, this USB flash memory has a self destructing system! 10 incorrect password attempts, and the encryption chip self-destructs, making the contents of the flash drive totally unreadable. The contents of the drive are filled with epoxy, so if a hacker tries to physically access the chips, he’d more likely damage them instead.

Now that’s a Toaster!

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Nothing beats a nice cup of coffee in the morning followed by white toast and butter!

Want to know whats even better than white toast? White toast with a message burned on it! Sasha Tseng made a concept design for a toaster, it allows you to write a short message on the toaster, and then the toaster would burn that same message on the toast! now that’s a nice idea!

It would be cool, if one member of the family would be in charge of writing or drawing something on the toaster for the rest of the family to enjoy that day!! Closed !!

// September 6th, 2007 // Comments Off // Personal is an arabic music website. The owner of the website annouced his tawbah on the front page recently, and the website will no longer be a music website.

May Allah accept his tawbah, and guide us all to the right path…

September and it’s still Hot!!

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After Friday prayer today I checked the temperature, and it was 49 degrees celsius! I think this summer was the hottest summer ever! During July the temperature reached 54!

Last winter was the coolest winter too. The temperature inside Riyadh would reach -2 after fajer prayer!

I wrote a post 2 years ago about how a year past without rain in Riyadh. The next year it rained for weeks!!

Does this have anything to do with Global Warming?

PS. The picture was taken by a friend of mine a while ago.