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AboMuslim’s Blog…

// July 29th, 2007 // 3 Comments » // friends, tech

I was busy these past couple of days making weblog for a dear friend of mine. His name is not abo Muslim, but when he was younger he was playing a game where they would put different nicknames in a bag, he got abo muslim and it has stuck with him for about a decade and almost everyone calls him by this name.

He has a really nice and unique way of telling stories, so his weblog will be about his novels. I think he is planing on adding a chapter each week.

So, check out AboMuslim’s blog and let me know what you think…

Photos from Abha

// July 18th, 2007 // 3 Comments » // friends, me, tech

I went to abha 2 weeks ago to attend a friend’s wedding. I took a few pictures on the way with my Canon 400D. Let me know what you think…


iPhone in Saudi Arabia?

// July 12th, 2007 // 7 Comments » // Hacks, tech

Many of us saw the lines outside the apple stores all over the US on youtube, flickr, and so many other sites. We have been reading about it for months! But since many of us are not in the US, we can’t be part of this whole iPhone madness.

well, that’s not 100% true, Why?

well, you can open an account with aramex‘s shop and ship, and then order an iPhone and have it delivered to your US mailbox. In less then a week your iPhone will be in your hands in sha allah.

The question is will the iPhone work in Saudi Arabia if you buy it? Well, according to the iPhone’s technical specs the iPhone works on Quad-band (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz) GSM networks. In Saudi Arabia, STC and Mobily both offer 900 MHz GSM networks. So, Technically it’s supposed to work, but there is a problem. The iPhone is locked to AT&T and Cingular in the United States.

Hackers have been working hard to unlock this phone. A few hours ago they announced that they have released a program called iPhoneInterface, with the new app, you will have the ability to scan the device’s file structure, create and remove folders

Does this mean it’s fully unlocked? Well, they manged to make the phone work with all it’s features except for the phone, but they have completed only 50 % of the task. The problem is that the hackers need Apple’s 128-bit RSA private key to sign anything they want to get into the iPhone’s bootloader.

In other words the phone will not work in Saudi Arabia or any other country other than the United States until hackers manage to unlock the iPhone!

You can preorder your unlocked iPhone from expansys, and they will deliver the phone as soon as it’s fully unlocked. But, the phone will be really expensive compared to it’s original price!!

2 Years of Blogging + statistics

// July 7th, 2007 // 3 Comments » // me, tech, website

So 2 years of Blogging have past. So, I thought I would show some of my blog’s statistics:

* General Summary:

Successful server requests 999,426 Requests
Successful requests for pages 505,952 Requests for pages
Total data transferred 27.18 GBytes


* Words that users asked search engines for that brought them to my Blog:

google 1144
translation 1035
nas 399

I’m really surprised so many people visited these two posts Google Translation and NAS Airlines


* Referring URL Report identifies specific pages on the Internet that link to pages or files on my Blog:

SaudiBlogs Aggregator 974
Alsaha 775
MySpace 669

ofcourse most of the visitors came from google (over 15000), but I didn’t count visitors that came from search engines.