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MS Photosynth !!!

// April 24th, 2007 // 3 Comments » // tech

Photosynth is a new amazing application from Microsoft and the university of washington. This application converts digital photographs into 3D objects!

Microsoft says that this application will be web-based, and users will be able to upload their photos. In other words, I think this application might steal flickr’s spotlights.

Here is a video of the new application:

A preview of the application was on the web for testing since Nov. 06. To try the application click here

Sony’s Amazing e-book Reader

// April 19th, 2007 // 5 Comments » // tech

If you haven’t heard of Sony’s PRS-500 Reader, then I guess you might have thought that this might be another lame device that just reads e-books. I thought the same thing when I red about it a few months back.

It uses an electronic paper display with a 166 dpi resolution, four levels of grayscale, is viewable in direct sunlight, requires no power to maintain the image, and is usable in portrait or landscape orientation.

What makes this device so amazing is that it doesn’t have a LCD screen! It uses a new technology called electronic paper display! It looks just like paper, the characters look really clear, and no light is being emitted from the screen, so your eyes have no trouble reading! Another great feature is that it doesn’t use it’s battery life to maintain the image of the page you’re reading!!

To make the idea simple, It’s just like using one of those old magnetic sketch boards, but the drawing is done electronically. So you you finish drawing, you get to view the image without consuming any of the battery’s life!! Really cleaver!!

Here is a video of it being used:

It costs about 350$…

Perfect Amount of Coffee…

// April 16th, 2007 // 1 Comment » // uncategorized

I find it really hard to brew a perfectly balanced cup of coffee. Sometimes I add too much coffee, sometimes I don’t add enough. And there are those time, when I get it just right, and enjoy a few unforgettable moments with my coffee.

Yesterday, I asked one of the managers at Starbucks about the perfect amount of coffee I need to brew a perfectly balanced cup of coffee.

So, if you want to make that perfect cup of coffee, here’s how much coffee you should add:

- French Press: If you want really tasty coffee, then there is nothing like a french press. It’s so delicious, and the aroma of the coffee will make you feel like you own the world. So, if you want that perfect cup of coffee add 41 grams of coffee per 12 oz. of water into your french press. For directions on how to make a french press click here.

- Filtered Coffee: Filtered coffee is also nice for everyday quick use. It’s not as delicious as french pressed coffee, because the filter “filters” some of the coffee’s aroma! To get a perfectly balanced cup of filtered coffee add 100 grams of coffee for 6 12oz. cups of coffee. But if you are making one 12 oz. cup just adding 20 grams of coffee would be enough.

First Mouse!

// April 14th, 2007 // 1 Comment » // uncategorized

Built by Douglas Engelbart in 1964, the world’s first computer mouse consisted of two gear-wheels positioned perpendicular to each other, allowing movement on one axis. Douglas received a patent for the “X-Y Position Indicator for a Display System” in 1970.


Zune 1.3 Firmware

// April 10th, 2007 // 2 Comments » // tech

Last week Microsoft released their new 1.3 firmware for the Zune. I’ve been looking forward for this firmware, which turned out to be a disappointment.

I was expecting them to at least add audio bookmarks to the firmware! How hard could it be? They already have video bookmarking. I mean almost all the podcasts I listen to are around one hour long, but when want to return to it after listening to half of it, I have to forward to the part I was listening to.

Anyways, this is what they’ve done in this update:
* They fixed the skipping problem that some users were experiencing – that is, content acquired from Zune Marketplace will no longer skip when played on the device.
* Improved device and software reliability, when it comes to device detection, and improved sync’ing.
* They’ve made some changes to the FM Tuner so it no longer drains the battery when in sleep mode.

France Breaks train Speed Record!

// April 6th, 2007 // 2 Comments » // tech

Last Tuesday France’s TGV (Train a Grande Vitesse) broke the record for fastest train in the world on a track east of Paris at 374.8 kmh (357.2mph).

check out the video:

via [gizmodo]

AlRajhi Mosque…ِِِ

// April 4th, 2007 // Comments Off // uncategorized

As I was on my way to work last Monday, the clouds were so beautiful. When I passed AlRajhi Mosque, I opened the window of my car and took a picture. Let me know what you think…

For a bigger version of the picture from the FriendsOfLight website click here