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Dr Hard Disk??!! Really..?

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How long do you think it would take to crack a hard drive? People always thought that governments had these magic wands that can crack any hard drive in an hour or so. The truth is that it can take ALOT more time than that says it can take UK officials from 14 to 90 days depending on how much data is stored on the hard drive. That is only when the hard drive isn’t encrypted using modern encryption methods such as DES, otherwise supercomputers might have to come into the picture. Here is a nice discussion on this article on slashdot.

A few years back (mabey two or so) my hard drive started to make a clicking noise so I took it to a repair shop. The repair guy told me that only one man can fix it, an egyption in “Haraj Al-Olaya” (a famous tech. place in Riyadh). So I went to the guy in Olaya and he asked me to buy another hard drive to store the old data into the new hard drive. So I bought one for 400 Riyals I guess. Then he asked me to come the next day, and he also asked me to call him Dr. because he had a PHD from Germany (as he claims). So I ask “In which field did you get your PHD ??“, so he says “Information Recovery!“. Then I asked: “What about your masters degree? “, and he says:”Hard Disks!!“. I know you might think I am making this up, but wallah I am seriously saying the turth !!

So I come the next day, and the guy says that the computer has been working on my hard drive the entire night! So I start chating with the lier and I decide to have a little fun of my own. I asked him: “Since you’re so experienced in this field, may I see your papers because I really want to learn from you“, and he says: “I can’t because they are being taught in German universities“, then I reply “Are you telling me you don’t have a copy of your masters and PHD research papers ?“. Then he felt that he lied a bit too much then he says: “Yes, of course I have my own copy, but you will not benifit from it even if I gave it to you because it is WRITTEN IN BINARY !!DID he actually expect me to buy that nonsence ??. When I asked for the bill he asked for 350 even though he only returned files which were smaller that 2 MB I guess. He even made up this story about jews trying to track him down to kill him because of all the knowledge he has, and because he is the second best information retriever on earth!! then he made up a story about inventing a machine to restore deleted files from your hard drive, and when I asked to see it he pointed to an old phone on the desk. I haven’t see a bigger lier in my life!! Of course I refused to pay 350, but I payed the best 200 in my life. I feel that I really got my money’s worth, he gave me the laugh of a lifetime !!

After I went home I found out that he changes an electric wire that the hrad drive will work fine. When that point is reached anyone can do the rest. He uses a program called Rstudio or something like that, I like to use a program called “Easy Recovery Professional“. The guy didn’t even know how to erase the program form the computer all he did was erase the shortcuts!!

If anyone dosn’t belive this story then they can send an e-mail and I will be more than proud to prove it. I even visited the guy less that a month a go. He still writes Dr. on his bussiness card…